ICE’s new showroom completely captures Teknion belief in “the true measure of a space is how it makes us feel”. Equally important are the company’s core values painstakingly crafted by ICE employees. Both were immortalized over a visually firm foundation in a custom concrete and brick wallpaper; solidifying both perspectives.



Maxine Mann

President, Teknion US

Couldn’t love the space more…

The ICE space is an incredible embodiment of who we are as partnered organizations. This happens not only through the physical manifestation of the space with well-designed furniture and fabulous architecture but it also has that intangible quality when the employees of the organization’s self-made culture also come alive in the showroom. What ICE and Ware Malcomb have achieved is very rare and special - it has an energy all its own. I couldn’t love the space more than I do.

Scott Deugo

Chief Sales & Sustainability Officer, Teknion

Celebrates the climate of San Diego…

I had the great pleasure to work within the space as it was previewed to the A&D community at large. What I found interesting was how ICE and Ware Malcomb, created an environment that was intrinsically flexible and visually so distinct and appealing. It worked from the moment it opened, supporting presentations of large gatherings and at the same time transformed for more intimate client meetings. The space celebrates the climate of San Diego and works to bring the indoors and outdoors together seamlessly. I know the teams imagined something unique and beautiful, and the end product was proof that their vision had been realized!

Greg Dekker

Vice President Sales Effectiveness, Teknion

Struck by its versatility & adaptability…

After my day in the ICE work space, I was struck by its versatility and adaptability around whatever was happening in my workday.

- Open and inviting as I arrived and was finding my way and people in a new place, yet protective enough that I didn't feel on display

- Easy to quickly grab a small personal space when I needed to continue a phone call in privacy

- Helped me see, circulate, and meet the guests who had arrived for the presentation

- Held a large crowd for the presentation - not a bad seat in the house!

- As the weather outside cooled, able to open the grand doors wide to let the night air into the great room

- At the end of the evening, I walked away feeling invigorated as if I had just enjoyed a gracious home.