Leslie polanco

project coordinator


Leslie has acquired over 8 years of customer service experience that encompass a wide range of industries. From hospitality to competitive retail environments; she has been able to adapt to any level of a customer’s needs, has gained an appreciation for a fast-paced and high-pressure work environment, and thoroughly enjoys creating harmonious relationships with coworkers and customers. Joining the ICE team as a Project Coordinator, she looks forward to applying these, and many more, skills to her everyday work life.

Leslie is a native San Diegan who, true to the stereotype, loves the beach and the sun (but don’t ask her if she knows how to surf!). As much as she enjoys having fun, she also values accomplishing a full day’s work. Most of her weekends are spent camping, snorkeling, spending time with her family, or even just comfortably tucked away at home accompanied by Netflix.