Elyse Stephens

VP Operations


Elyse received a BA in Liberal Arts, with an emphasis in Humanities and Mathematics from the University of Redlands. In 2013, she started working at ICE in accounting part-time. Since then, Elyse's role has developed and expanded to accommodate the growing needs of the company.  With a background in customer service and employee management, Elyse effortlessly blends her responsibilities of HR, Accounting, and Operations, all while focused on directing the development and performance of the people that build the ICE team. Her previous employment with an independent bookkeeping and tax preparation firm helped to expand her accounting experience which paved the way for understanding the inner workings of ICE’s business model. She works closely with all members of ICE to ensure the company is running at optimum efficiency. Elyse is also a strong advocate of building and maintaining ICE’s company culture initiatives, integrating and advising on best practices across the organization. Elyse thrives on building meaningful relationships with the people on ICE’s team and enjoys seeing individuals grow and succeed.  Outside of the office Elyse enjoys cooking, hiking, camping, and is an avid traveler.