Katy Tiwald

Executive Sales Coordinator

Katy is an Executive Sales Coordinator at ICE. With every client we engage with, she takes the time to create connections that will lead to a healthy and happy growing of the ICE brand within the San Diego community.

She has spent over 10 years in the Customer Field industry and over 5 years in hospitality management. She has an educational background from New Mexico State University in Opera and stage performance. Because of her extensive study in this field, she is well equipped to handle most client facing connections and events. She strives to cultivate a healthy client relationship with each project bringing her knowledge of space and set design to the forefront.

In her free time, she enjoys all that nature has to offer including: surfing, snorkeling, SCUBA and hiking. Her love for the open air and nature can be found in the ICE showroom where we all live to create wellness in the workforce and a balance with the natural world around us.