Building a Conscious Corporate Culture


By DeLinda Forsythe

A corporate culture exists in every organization, whether you build it consciously or unconsciously. An effective way to build your business culture is through furniture design.  ICE plans and fabricates furniture that encourages a company to connect, play, solve problems together, fail, succeed, experiment, grow and ultimately "create magic." 

ICE uses furniture as a tool to build an empowered corporate rainforest. A tropical rainforest is a climatic condition where millions of species of plants, insects, undiscovered microorganisms and 75% of all biotic species live. 25% of all natural medicines have been discovered in rainforests. Creating a rainforest corporate culture is not a mere business theory; it provides a new paradigm for policies and strategies that transcend the way businesses have traditionally worked. Note: This concept is in reference to "The Rainforest" by Greg Horowitt and Victor Hwang.

According to ICE CEO & Founder DeLinda Forsythe, "A rainforest environment in an office eliminates hierarchy and encourages teamwork. The mechanisms of a rainforest touch the heart of a company, making it more efficient and innovative. It creates an interior environment where vibrant engagement makes it possible to build a culture of inspiration. Employees are reminded everyday by working in their inspired workplace that the welfare of each employee matters. Employees working for a common goal build an inspired company."

One of the methods ICE might use to create this atmosphere include a combination of open benching systems for team work and panel systems for privacy as well as sound masking, private huddle rooms, lounge areas, and conference tables that do double duty as ping pong tables. A business owner has the ability to create an intangible presence through creative furniture design that builds community.

According to Forsythe, "This methodology is an important investment in a company's overall success. Great companies have an undying belief that they can do something better and bigger and this fosters a personal relationship with their customers. Building employee loyalty is similar. A staff should feel that working at their company is bigger than themselves and that together the entire team is doing something authentic, meaningful - and that ultimately, the employee is valued." 

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